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100% Competence in souvenirs

On behalf of our customer we define the complete souvenir sales mix for the available sales area. The sales mix will be arranged in order to get best volume of sales in combination with a perfect presentation of our goods. In collaboration with our partners we offer textiles, knifes, chocolates and watches additional to our own sales mix, if the available sales area exceeds 50m2.

We also develop and produce special customized assortments, which are exclusively sold in the customers store. Furthermore we cover all the logistics and deliver the products whenever they are requested. As a result our clients are able to scale down their stock and reduce idle money. This business model is especially attractive for companies whose core business is not in the souvenir branch, but nevertheless want to have a modern and pleasant range of products without much effort. The client in this case can concentrate on it’s core business while we cover the purchasing of souvenir products.