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Whole sale

As a leading supplier within Switzerland we develop all our products by ourselves. In addition to our common product lines we do also have specialised regional products. With these we try to fulfil every customer requirement and to represent almost every region.

Our designer, quality- and our procurement manager in Far East reviews and controls the whole product development and production process directly in the corresponding manufactory. Whenever possible we work together with small factories. In doing so we avoid working with sweatshop or other companies with poor working conditions.

The uniform packaging gives our product the last finish and assures that all products fit optically to each other and allow a harmonic arrangement in the shops.

Only products which passed the internal quality check get packed and are shipped directly to our logistics center in Rikon. Whenever possible, all goods are shipped in one whole container. The reason for this is to reduce shipping time and costs and to make sure that no product is getting damaged during the shipping.
This is how we get lovely products in a very high quality.